Dermal fillers

Post Care Instruction after Filler and Volume Restoration

What Should I Expect?

Whenever filler is put under the skin, there is some swelling that may occur. Sometimes this can last several weeks, but usually only for several days. Rarely, this swelling may occur as a delayed phenomenon several weeks after the procedure. The more common areas for swelling include the eyelid region and the lips. This generally resolves on its own, and resolution may be hastened with oral antihistamines, and sleeping with an extra pillow.

Some patients can have a short lived headache. 

Your skin may feel "stretched" but that goes away quickly. 

The treated areas can be tender. Some describe it like a throbbing in the treated areas or a "headache" in the treated areas.

Because of the techniques used to anaesthetize ("freeze") the skin, you can have temporary numbness, usually lasting up to several hours after your procedure. 

Temporary redness, lasting days to weeks, will also resolve on its own. 

Is there anything that I should do today?

Sure. First, don't massage or manipulate the treated areas. The filler can remain soft and moldable for several days. Therefore we recommend that our patients refrain from vigorous exercise, facial massages or activities that can put unwanted pressure on the face, for 2-3 days. 

You will also need to sleep on your back. If you feel uncomfortable, you can take regular strength Tylenol.

Tomorrow, you can cover the treated areas with makeup, but try not to apply anything to the face today. 

If not already, you need to begin using SPF 45 sunscreen every single day to maximize the results of your treatments.

What are some uncommon side effects?

Uncommonly, tremendous bruising can occur. If this happens, this can last several weeks, but once again, this is very uncommon.

Numbness of the cheeks or lips has been seen. Nerves beneath the skin can be irritated by the injections and this can result in numbness "pins and needles" lasting days to weeks.

If you begin to note any unevenness, "bumps" or asymmetry that becomes apparent after the treatment, please come into the office, as these situations are easily corrected. You may also see some areas of asymmetry where it may appear uneven to you or "bumps" beneath the skin. Come see us to make sure everything is on track,. These things are easily treatable. 

Are there any signs that should concern me? 

Although rare, some side effects require immediate assessment. 

Infection is extremely uncommon, however if a fever develops, or swelling occurs in association with redness and or/tenderness, please call the clinic or one of the physicians immediately.