IPL Treatment - Post Care Instructions

What to expect after the treatment

  • The treated area will turn red immediately following your treatment for several hours. You may also feel a sunburn-like heat post treatment. 
  • If the treated area is near the upper cheek or eye, you should anticipate some swelling. 
  • Bruising or darkening of vessels can occur temporarily post treatment that will gradually fade.
  • You may notice darkening of pigmented lesions that will gradually fade over 7-10 days post treatment. Do not pick these off the skin, rather keep the skin moisturized.

How to care for the area post treatment

  • Apply ice pack to reduce heat and minimize swelling.
  • Sleep slightly elevated with an extra pillow to reduce swelling. 
  • Make-up may be worn if there is no blistering or crusting following the procedure.
  • Direct exposure of sunlight should be avoided immediately following laser treatment. 
  • If there is no crusting or blistering, a sunscreen of SPF 45 or higher should be applied to the treated area for several weeks following the treatment to avoid further sun damage. 

How to care for the treated area should a blister occur

  • It is possible that you may experience several blisters, scaling or crusting following the procedure, although this is considered very rate. Call the clinic immediately should this occur.
  • The skin should then be treated gently twice daily with applications of Fucidin or Polysporin ointment. If the area has increased redness and itching, discontinue the ointment and call the office at 905-336-9624. 
  • It is not necessary to wear a bandage. However, if a bandage is preferred, a tell (non-adhesive) bandage should be used. It can be cut to size and secured with paper tape. 
  • The area may get wet while bathing, but swimming should be avoided for one week following a treatment.